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This article was written as part of the university course Venture Design. In this course, we deal with the small start-up and their platform in a team of 4 people. Customers can find foodtrucks near them and choose a pickup time and pre-order. The food truck can better schedule goods and the cash payments are eliminated, that is saving a lot of time. The customer has no longer to endure annoying waiting times and can easily pick up his goods.

But back to the original topic. We were dealing with security and I was dealing with the issue of cross-site…

This is the third part of the module IT Venture Design, where we — a study group of four people — designed and evaluated a business idea. Here you can check out the business idea and product idea validation.

The minimal viable product (MVP) to try out our business idea needs to provide some necessary functions. For example, a product directory, customer and vendor management, and payment functionality. Also, it should work on all devices, especially on mobile phones.

Technical Introduction

An easy and quick way to achieve this is by using frameworks. The core functionality of our MVP is working with…

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Let us start with a common thing. After a long day, you recognize you don’t have any food for dinner at home. Your favorite meal is spaghetti with pesto and you realize you need to buy some other things as well. Then you went to the nearest supermarket and bought a lot of stuff. At home, you realize that you forgot to buy pesto. That’s frustrating, nobody wants to eat dry spaghetti.

What this example displays are the importance of documentation. This is a really simple example but it is the same basic principle.

If it is not written down…

Leon Kowalewski

Business Management Information Systems Student at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences

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